Composer and Sound Designer for Video Games

Christoph Jakob is a professional composer, sound designer and video game enthusiast from Germany.


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My name is Christoph Jakob and I'm a professional Composer and Sound Designer from Germany – some people may know me under my artist name DisOmikron. I play both acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, ukulele, and I have a foible for obscure instruments.

I have been playing video games for more than half of my life. I think that music plays an important role in enhancing the experience of playing a video game and I enjoy every second of the creation process. I first started making my own music in 2008 and have acquired all the skills needed to make both suitable and memorable music over time myself.

My main influences include Yoko Shimomura, David Wise, Jun Senoue and John Frusciante. I have a deep passion for the Mario & Luigi series and thus like quirky and melodic music a lot. Additionally, since one of the first games I've played in my life was Sonic 3 & Knuckles, I'm in love with 16-bit FM styled chiptune. However, I do not want to limit myself to certain genres only. I'm a huge fan of combining different genres and experimentation.

There's nothing better than receiving positive feedback on something you created, something that not only has meaning to you, but something that others might be able to relate to as well. I hope you like what you hear!


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